About Us

Lions Tooth Project is a community-based organization in service of LGBTQ+, immigrant, Black / Indigenous, POC and allied youth. We serve youth in all of their intersecting identities inspiring them to have more agency over their own wellness, healing and personal stories. We believe in the healing power of community, story-telling, art and connection to the earth. Our programs explore these core components through our young herbalist and photography apprenticeships for youth 13-24.

We also offer workshops for youth 6-12 and trainings for educators seeking to create more inclusive and affirming spaces.


Dandelion <dan-dl-ahy-uh-n>, also known as Lion’s Tooth.

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Our Community

Lions Tooth Project connects youth with organizations, educators, healers, elders and artists in the community to build a network of practice that supports their journeys as they define for themselves what healing and wellness looks-like. Click below to learn more about our programs!

For as long as I can remember I thought healing was something that needed to be done alone, behind closed doors. Having the space to heal and explore ourselves and the earth was incredibly powerful and inspiring to me.
— Miyagi Scott

Workshops and youth-drop in hrs!


 Our Partners

Lions Tooth Project is able to serve youth with the kind support of our partners. They uplift our work in different capacities by providing a space to host our programs, connecting us to their networks and collaborating in joint programing.